Trumpet lessons and guidelines

Often times it is more important how you practice than what you practice. To become an even average trumpet player requires dedication. The trumpet is not an instrumet you can set down for two weeks then pick it up and play a two hour concert. A good practice routine will contain several common elements:

  • Warmup

    A good warmup will be long enough to get the blood going and have you ready to play with minimal effort. While each player is different, a typical warmup should be between three and five minutes. Warm up times will also vary depending on how fatigued the player is. If your lips are very tired, expect to have a longer warmup than if you are fully rested.  Continued...


Trumpet Exercise Collection

  • Basic Exercises

    Beginning exercises build a foundation of good habits and techniques. Playing the trumpet is not hard for good players. It only feels hard to play the trumpet when a trumpet player is first starting out or has learned bad habits. Too often the quest to play high notes in a forceful or harmful manner can lead to bad habits. Remember! If you are going to have a great sound and a great range you must practice in a very disciplined manner. More…

  • Advanced Exercises

    Once a player has mastered the basics it is possible to move on to more advanced exercises. For most trumpet players this means having a comfortable "high-c" range that can be achieved without undo pressure or strain. It is also important for the player to be very comfortable playing down to the low F# with a full, clear sound. Advanced exercises will work to expand range above a high C and the lower range down into pedal tones. More…

  • Trumpet Resources

    There are many sources available on the internet that provide a variety of trumpet exercises.